18ct White Gold or Platinum - what is the difference? June 05 2013

18ct and platinum often appear to look the same both are white and shiny so what is the difference? They are actually entirely different metals with different chemical compositions. Platinum is a metal nearly in it’s pure (approx 95% pure) form where as white gold is yellow gold (approx 75% pure) alloyed with a combination of metals including silver to create a strong metal. Platinum is a great choice for people that are allergic to gold as it’s pure nature will mean it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It is also a lot stronger and will wear less than gold, this makes it a good choice for a ring that is to be worn everyday like an engagement ring. White gold jewellery will need to be rhodium plated regulary in order to keep it’s shiny appearance where as platinum jewellery won’t need this it will keep it’s shine. Platinum is heavier than white gold and also come with a higher price tag and is often the choice of the rich and famous.