Birthstones - could bring you luck & other healing powers! June 13 2013

It is considered lucky to wear your birthstone, so if you are looking for a new piece of jewellery perhaps you should consider buying or getting a piece made which contains your stone.

January - Garnet:

  • Symbolizes faith and truth
  • Believed helpful in preventing and curing blood diseases and infections
  • Powers are healing, strength and protection

February - Amethyst:

  • Symbolic of spirituality and piety
  • Believed helpful in preventing overindulgence
  • Powers include healing, spiritual uplifting, happiness

March - Aquamarine:

  • Symbolizes foresight, courage and happiness
  • Believed to reverse poisoning and useful in fortune telling
  • Powers include good luck, reducing stress and enhancing intuition

April - Diamond:

  • Symbolic of invincibility, courage and strength
  • Believed to have strong medicinal properties
  • Powers include protection and everlasting love

May - Emerald:

  • Symbolizes faith, fertility and goodness
  • Believed to enhance eyesight and mental clarity, they were often carried on long journeys to keep the traveler safe
  • Powers include fertility and clairvoyance

June - Smokey Quartz:

  • Smokey quartz is nature's stone of endurance.
  • Promotes personal pride and joy in living
  • Has power, money & healing energies

July - Ruby:

  • Symbolizes heat, passion and power
  • Believed to make the wearer wise
  • Powers include protection, healing and bringing love

August - Peridot:

  • Symbolic of the sun and good luck
  • Believed to protect against evil and nightmares
  • Has the power to attract fame and fortune and bolster the confidence of an insecure person

September - Sapphire:

  • Symbolizes truth, sincerity and faithfulness
  • Believed to make a stupid man wise and an bad-tempered man agreeable
  • Has the power to protect against poverty and promote spiritual enlightenment

October - Pink Tourmaline:

  • vibration of this lovely crystal brings an influx of love, joy and happiness into your life
  • known to help emotional and mood related problems
  • carries a strong feminine or yin vibration... that is known to kindle feelings of joy, hope, comfort and support

November - Citrine:

  • Symbolizes creativity, hope and strength
  • Believed to bring light and clarity to the owner
  • Gives the power to see through deceptions, banish fears and protect against snake bite

December - Blue Topaz:

  • Symbolic of love and fidelity
  • The ancient Greeks believed that a person wearing a topaz could become invisible and experience an increase in strength
  • Allegedly has the power to cure insomnia, asthma and hemorrhages